The Dudjom Tersar, literally "New Treasures of Dudjom" is the set of terma (hidden treasures) revealed by Dudjom Lingpa (1835-1904) and Dudjom Rinpoche (1904-1987).

In 1860 Dudjom Lingpa found a prophetic letter among the rocks of Mar valley in Tibet: this was a guide to find the ancient texts hidden by the masters of the past to preserve the teachings and prevent them from degeneration.

The Tertön, the discoverer of hidden treasures, revealed numerous ancient objects and texts which contain valuable instructions and transmitted them to his disciples.

Dudjom Rinpoche, reincarnation of Dudjom Lingpa, began to reveal the Terma from an early age and they became well known in the Nyingma school, spreading throughout Tibet and now also in the West.

In this cycle of teachings the best known practices are those of Vajrakilaya, Troma Nagmo and Guru Dorje Drolö.


Rinpoche has a close connection to this lineage; his predecessor, Lama Pema Trinley (first Machig Rinpoche) was in fact one of the closest disciples of Dudjom Lingpa.

                 Dudjom Lingpa