Prayers and Puja

The Chöd (severing the ego) dissolves negative energies by repaying the karmic debts and accumulating a huge amount of positive energy.

The ritual originates in Tibet with the yogini Machig Labdron, who spread in the 12th century these teachings of cutting the ego, the main cause of suffering and unhappiness.

The Rinpoche lineage begins around the cave where the Buddhist yogini  meditated; his predecessor in a previous life was the custodian of the cave and derived his name Machig Rinpoche in honor of the yogini.

Love and compassion are the basis of the ritual supported by the wisdom that perceives the ultimate nature of phenomena: Rinpoche recites chants and mantras accompanied by ritual instruments like the damaru (symbol of the interdependence of phenomena and compassion) and the bell ( symbol of wisdom).

Getting rid of the suffocating and selfish attitude of taking care only of one self, it eads to finding peace, joy and genuine well-being.


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