International meditation center

  The Machig Phuk monastery was founded in Dingri, in southern Tibet, in the late 19th century by the first Machig Rinpoche, Pema Trinley.

Dingri is a sacred place blessed by the Indian Guru Padampa Sangye and his main disciple Machig Labdrön, who together spread the doctrine of Chöd (cutting the ego), in the 12th century.

The cave where the yogini Machig Labdrön used to practice was kept Inside the monastery, and it was an important pilgrimage place for devotees.

Pema Trinley was an expert practitioner of Chöd and after a pilgrimage to the sacred Mount Kailash he went to practice Chöd in Dingri.

Local people recognizing his high achievements implored him to stay in Dingri to transmit the Dharma of Buddha.

He then founded the retreat center Machig Phukpa Gonpa, specialized in the practice of Chöd and Dzogchen.

In 1959 the Chinese invaded Tibet and destroyed completely the monastery.

Only the sacred cave remained intact and we can still admire the miraculous signs impressed into the rock by the yogini Machig Labdrön.


Rinpoche plans to rebuild the Machig Phuk Gonpa monastery in Nepal with the adjoining Meditation Center, composed of 16 rooms in block A for long term retreat and 16 other rooms in block B for short retreats.

His desire is that everyone can use this facility to generate happiness and inner prosperity through the practice of dharma.

The Dharma-center is very important for the preservation of the tibetan culture: for this reason Rinpoche thanks in advance anyone who will help by supporting his projects or by giving donations.


"Thank you for supporting me; I earnestly request that all Dharma friends  give their support to this important project in one or another way, through the support of my activities or through sponsorship.

May all beings accumulate immeasurable merits.

Thank you for your support".

 Prayers of Dingri Machig Phukpa Rinpoche.